Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sun Dream Team Fantasy Football Stats by ZARCH

For the last "15 seasons" I have been collating stats based on the 
Sun Newspapers 
"Dream Team" 
Fantasy Football game.

That's every season from 1998/99 upto and including the end of 2012/13

The fruits of my extensive labour are contained within this free Google Spreadsheet.
Need a helping hand to win your works mini-league?
Fed up of finishing 2nd in your Pub's league?
Want to make inroads in the real £500k Sun game?
Or just want to "geek out" on the 3,362 pts that Frank Lampard has scored in Dream Team ?

Hopefully you can use these stats to achieve those goals.
Here's a quick view of what you can find within the on-line spreadsheet:

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